Stockport Fireplaces

Choosing The Right Stockport Fireplaces

A well-built fireplace can spruce up any living room, provided you make the right choices. Given below are some facts that you need to know when shopping for fireplaces. But more than anything else you need to trust your judgement and make choices based on your sense of style and comfort.

If you already have a fireplace, even if it has fallen into disuse and looks unattractive, it can be easily renovated and given a new look. You can get a new, sleek, white marble fireplace for much cheaper than it would cost you to get a new one.

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If you are building a new house, then it might be helpful to make a provision for the fireplace in the blueprint. When the room is shaping up in front of your eyes, you can decide whether you want to keep the fireplace or not.

You should also consider early on what kind of fuel would you be using in your fireplace-wood or coal or fuel for example. When the fireplace is being constructed, this would determine what kind of basket and grate is to be built.

There are different kinds of Stockport fireplaces you pick and choose from

1. Brick Conventionally

All fireplaces were made of bricks. Bricks are not only good, sturdy raw materials but are easy to replace and give a nice, cosy feel to any room. When the fireplace begins to lose its look, be sure to include a new coat of paint, this will make it good as new. When constructing a fireplace, ensure that only firebricks are used when making the firebox.

2. Marble and Granite

People opt for sleeker looking marble and granite fireplaces when the style is the priority. These are much easier to clean and more durable. The advantage of using granite is that you can pick a colour to match your room decor. Marble fireplaces can be elaborately carved and sculpted into beautiful designs. These fireplaces can add a touch of elegance and style to any room.

3. Tiles

A tile fireplace is ideal for those people who are seeking to add a dash of fun and colour to their room. You can pick tiles with any design you fancy-flowers, figurines, abstract designs etc. Also once your brick fireplace starts looking old, you can give it a completely new look with tiles.

4. Kiva Style

This kind of fireplace is commonly found in southwestern homes. These fireplaces are shaped like beehives and have openings on the top and bottom for fuel and fire. Cinder blocks are usually used for making these fireplaces.

5. Outdoors

If you have a huge patio and don’t know what to do with it, you might want to try something different. You can give your patio a warm look by making a fireplace there. In no time your patio will become the favourite hangout zone, irrespective of the weather.

What about electrical fireplace?
There are different electrical fireplaces with a different variety of styles and designs. For these reasons, as well as the sustainability aspects, these kinds of fireplaces have increased ten-fold in popularity. Consider the following benefits of electric fireplaces:

Because these kinds of fireplaces don’t need to be connected to any gas lines they can be installed anywhere in a home. This kind of ‘mobility’ allows the fireplace to be designed in unique ways. They can be engineered to match the tone and pallet of a room, for instance.


One of the more talked out concerns with gas-powered fireplaces was that they posed a danger to a home. With fireplaces that are run by electricity, this kind of fear becomes almost entirely obsolete. No gas has to be used or stored, to run the fireplace.


Gas prices are rising everywhere – this is one of the inevitable consequences that come from running out of fossil fuels. Because of this, gas-powered devices are much more expensive than they used to be. These fireplaces don’t need gas and are therefore much more affordable.

Make sure you compare prices and features from different dealers before you make any decision and pick a deal that suits your budget and requirements.