Blocked Drain

Best Blocked Drain Plumbing Solutions You Can Do At Home

We all are well aware of the main signs of a blocked drain. The sink takes a little more time to drain out. You also start to note water pooling during the bath in your feet. And the bad odors too. These all the main signs that you may soon be facing a blocked drain.

After witnessing these main signs, one day, your drain would be blocked. Boom!

It is something severe you need to resolve before getting into the big and expensive problem. Here are some of the best blocked drain plumbing solutions you can do at home by yourself and can get the desired results.

Hot Water:

This is the most natural tip for this issue. Boil the water and pour it slowly into the drain pipes in 2 to 3 stages permitting the hot water to work for several minutes in the pipeline. This technique is the quickest and easiest way to open up the blocked drain.

Baking Soda and Salt:

Stir half a cup of table salt with half a cup of baking soda and pour down in the blocked pipes. Leave it like this for a few minutes (10-20 minutes), then pour boiling water into the drain.  The three ingredients, i.e. soda, salt, and boiling water will have a chemical reaction that would dissolve some of the worst blockages.

Dish Detergent:

If your toilet is blocked, pour one-fourth cup of the dish detergent into the bowl. Then boil the water on extreme temperature. The dish detergent will work as a lubricant and will help you to break up any greasy residue. After the dish detergent, pour the hot water down the pipe and get ready to start up with plunging. If a plunger is not helpful for you, the next option can be rubber gloves.

These are the most accessible and quickest blocked drain plumbing solutions. But if the blockage remains there, call your nearest Bundaberg plumber to get the assistance in the matter.