Industrial Mixers

Choosing Between Planetary And Spiral Mixer

The planetary and spiral mixer is two of the most common industrial mixers, especially for foodservice operations. You must note first your product volume and range depending on your specific needs. Here are the essential things to consider when choosing between these two mixers.

What Is a Planetary Mixer?

For starters, a planetary mixer is a multi-functional mixer having a fixed, non-rotating bowl raised and lowered into the mixing position. It has a utensil that rotates around the non-rotating bowl, like the way the planets rotate the sun, making it named as the planetary mixer. If you have a pastry business, the planetary type is the best choice as a pizza dough mixer or for cakes, pastries, and bread. Small caterers up to large-scale companies use this type of mixer.

What you can do to a planetary mixer that you can’t attain with other mixers is you can add attachments to it. Hence, it can turn into a meat grinder, vegetable slicer, or a whipping tool for potatoes if you have these attachments. With this versatility, many bakers and pastry shops use this mixer as it also allows them to use a paddle attachment for blending and creaming. Your pizza shop and bakery can take advantage of the dough hook attachment for all their dough mixing needs.

What Is a Spiral Mixer?

For large volumes of product, you should choose spiral mixers rather than planetary mixers. Spiral mixers have large spiral hooks to deal with hundreds of pounds of dough, making it a suitable industrial mixer for a large bakery. If your pizza business is too big already, use this type as a pizza dough mixer for a large pizzeria.

What Should You Choose Between These Two?

Spiral hooks rotate along with a spinning bowl in a spiral mixer, unlike with planetary mixers. Its spinning motion copies hand kneading and rolling motions while gently mixing bread dough. With this mixing pattern, the proper gluten structure is developing while not overworking the dough. The two mixer types come in many sizes, but spiral mixers are usually bigger than planetary mixers. However, like planetary mixers, spiral mixers often do not have interchangeable attachments.

In choosing between planetary and spiral mixers, always note the volume and range of the product that you are going to mix. The planetary mixer is ideal as an industrial mixer for smaller bakery, while the spiral mixer is ideal for mixing many dough types, from stiff, low hydration to high hydration doughs.