Scratched Glass Repair

Scratched Glass Repair Made Simple and Easy

Have you scratched the glass on your phone? Maybe you’re dealing with another type of scratch, like on a window. Either way, there are many suggestions when it comes to scratched glass repair. Non-gel toothpaste with baking soda seems to win by popular opinion. But there are other remedies to try as well.

If in your case the scratch remains after trying everything, professionals have other tools available and might be able to help. There are over-the-counter kits, too. Have you heard of cerium oxide? This is one more remedy to try before you call a professional or buy a kit.

Then there is also metal polish. Metal polish can work sometimes. But it is the non-gel toothpaste that people recommend the most. If you’re going to try this remedy, go for a toothpaste that has baking soda. Arm & Hammer is known for that ingredient.

While there are other home remedies, you don’t want to spend a ton trying to eliminate a scratch. So if the above-mentioned solutions don’t do the trick, I would suggest looking at kits or contacting a glass repair specialist. If they can fix cracks, they can certainly fix scratches.

They have what it takes to repair the glass and won’t likely charge you too much to do the work. It might be cheaper to try the toothpaste first, but if it doesn’t work, you know what to do. I will say though that it is recommended you try the toothpaste twice if you don’t see it working as well as you want it to the first time.

Maybe you won’t have to call the glass repair specialists. It could be that you find out one of the remedies works for you, and you spread the word. It’s funny to think that toothpaste or metal polish could do the trick. But remember, it’s a scratch, not a crack in the glass. And its scratched glass repair made simple and easy.