About Jeff & Jessica Samis And The Profit League

Jeff & Jessica Samis are life partners and a “dynamic duo” in both pleasure and business who are the creators of a course known as Profit League which guides students in an industry that assists the smaller business owners to take advantage of Facebook Ads in order to rake in profits created by lead generation.

The Profit League by Jeff Samis and Jessica Samis is a program like many others which will require you to invest and dedicate lots of your time, effort and energy to arrive at a result that is worthwhile.

What Is Attracting Entrepreneurs To A Product Like Profit League?

One of the main attraction to this community built up by Jeff and Jessica Samis is that you are able to quickly locate buyers from places that they already visit in the industry of Social Media.

One of the other advantages about this program is the fact that it’s not in any way a type of pyramid scheme. In comparison to network marketing models which involves either a service or a product along with team members dedicated to recruit marketing like a real-estate or insurance agency, the main aim involves building up the business rather than recruiting consumers to a Facebook Ad agency in order to trade the Ad spend for the purpose of leads.

Benefits Linked To Joining Up With The Profit League

– Many Facebook Ad examples that you are able to copy followed by implementing.

– Calls conducted semi-weekly where members can take advantage of valuable coaching.

– Guidance and education of how to leverage Clickfunnels in order to organize a website or a landing page.

– Clear instruction on how to get Facebook Ads viewed by real visitors and people.

– Guidance on setting-up automation software for email that nurtures leads brought in.