Packing Tips from Movers in Sarasota

Congratulations, you are retiring in Sarasota, Florida!  You made the right choice – Sarasota is ranked No. 1 in the “Best Places to Retire in Florida” by Investment U, a financial news website.  

If you are getting ready for the big move,  here are some essential packing tips from the best movers in Sarasota fl


Pack Early


Most people dread packing for big moves.  Going through personal possessions can bring back good and bad memories.  However, do not procrastinate. Divide your stuff into three categories – items to keep, to dispose, and to give away.

Knowing how many items you intend to keep will give a precise estimate of how much time you need to pack.   Moreover, informing your movers about the volume of boxes will help them plan for transportation, equipment, and labor.

Packing early – it will save everyone a lot of headaches and stress. 


Separate Heavy Boxes From Light Ones


Set aside the heavy boxes and inform the movers.  When they are loading boxes, movers in Sarasota fl usually get the more massive boxes first and load these near the front of the truck.  By doing this, the truckload is balanced. 


Fill in The Gaps


If a box is not full, fill in the empty spaces with items like towels, clothes, or paper.  For movers, loosely packed or unbalanced boxes can be a problem when squeezed in with larger ones. 


Assign Boxes Per Room


To pack faster, assign boxes per room. Avoid packing a mixture of items from different places in the same box.  Aside from helping in your unpacking, it will also guide your movers in Sarasota fl to move boxes to their assigned locations.


Label The Boxes


Concerning the previous tip, mark each box with its room assignment and a brief description of its contents.  Another way is to assign box numbers and keep a central list with the box number and its specific contents. 

By doing this, you can warn movers about boxes that need special handling. 

 Packing up your life does not have to be stressful.  Follow these moving tips and look forward to the big day.  Happy retirement!