5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cantilever Umbrella

When you want to relax in the patio, by the pool, or in the garden, there is nothing better than putting up a cantilever umbrella. Aside from providing you with optimal sun protection, its color and style can liven up your outdoor space’s overall look. With Tuuci umbrellas, you can choose different types and designs that would suit your outdoor space, offering both functional and stylistic features. Don’t you want to enjoy the sun in comfort and style?

Choosing a Cantilever Umbrella

More than its sleek and modern appearance, a cantilever umbrella is highly versatile. To be able to choose the right cantilever umbrella, you need to consider the following:

Outdoor Space Area

You need to determine the area where you would want your umbrella to be in and measure the amount of space you want to be shaded. This way, you would be able to get your umbrella in the right size.

Umbrella Base and Height

When it comes to the base, a solid and a heavy-duty one is essential as this would serve as its foundation. This keeps the pole steady and the entire umbrella in place. As for the poles, its height would vary, depending on the weather or if your outdoor area has height restrictions. Taller umbrellas can get easily damaged if placed in a high wind area.

Cantilever Umbrella Features

A unique feature that differentiates a cantilever umbrella from a regular beach/patio umbrella is its tilting function. It can provide wide shade coverage at different angles and up to 5 different vertical positions! Aside from that, it’s also best to choose the type of material that will give you maximum sun protection. Polyester is the best type with high resistance to mold growth and harmful UV rays from the sun. It also retains the fabric’s color for a long time, and it’s easy to clean and maintain!

Easy Operation and Handling

The umbrella of your choice should be easy to operate, such as in the opening, closing, extending, and adjusting or tilting it in different angles.

Umbrella Structure

Aside from its solid base, the umbrella should also have a reliable and strong pole and a framework that could withstand all types of weather. Cantilever umbrellas that are made of aluminum, coated with powder and double walled steel are highly recommended as this type is resistant to rust and provides the umbrella with the needed strength and stability.