Inspiration From Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Inspiration From Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are the type of people that are typically inspired by other people who have become successful entrepreneurs. This can mean that if individuals do not have good role models particularly the role models that they are able to see themselves in places them at a great disadvantage. This is some of the largest challenges that face women that have decided to pursue a new venture. Below are a few quotes from top female entrepreneurs that help to inspire others.

•Sara Blakely

Is the founder of the brand Spanx and is to date the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the U.S. She states that it is crucial that entrepreneurs are able and willing to make a mistake or more.

•Shelia Lirio Marcelo

The founder of states that she thinks in the terms of “”evolutions” and not “revolutions”. She also states that failure does not exist in her vocabulary.

•Wendy Kopp

The founder for Teach for America states that change will not always be associated with processes of improvement and in some cases it is the “process of invention.” She refers to Thomas Edison that was the inventor of the light bulb when he did not begin on trying to improve on the candle but made a decision that he wanted a better light and decided to make his invention on that basis.

•Anita Roddick

The founder of the world renowned Body Shop states that if you happen to be doing tasks well then you should decide to do them even better. She also states that it is good to be just, different, first and daring.

•Arianna Huffington

The founder of the well-known Huffington Post is one of those successful female entrepreneurs and states the fearlessness can be compared to a muscle. This is associated with that she knows from her own personal life that the more she exercises it, it becomes more natural to not let any of her fears rule her life.

•Diane Von Furstenberg

Is the founder and designer of DvF says that she had a goal in becoming that independent woman that was able to pay her own bills and a woman that was able to run her very own life. She goes onto state that she successfully became that exact woman.

•Angie Hicks

Is one of the Co-founders of the incredibly popular site known as Angie’s List. She states that her success is associated with an opportunity that was presented to her that she decided to take.