Steps To Take During The Process Of ETA Canada Application

Steps To Take During The Process Of ETA Canada Application

The process involved in ETA Canada application involves several steps which the applicant or the traveler has to accomplish. Those who often go to Canada by plane or even those who plan on doing this have to be fully aware of this change. There are already quick ways on getting to know about this recent implementation. One is to visit the official website of Canada which provides a comprehensive detail of the steps, requirements and process of ETA application.

ETA Application Form

Filling out the form is the first step in ETA Canada Application. While completing the form, it is important to provide the correct information as required on the page. This part is usually divided into several parts:

-Personal Information which includes the first and last name of the application, birthdate, city and country of birth, marital status and gender.
-Employment information (covers occupation, name of the employer/company, job title/position, territory or country and city/town where you are working at, and available fund for travel)
-Passport Information (involves passport number, issuing country, issuance date, and expiration date)
-Contact Information (includes email address and home address)
-Billing Information (name and address)
-Credit Card Information (Type of Credit Card, card number, security code, and expiration year and month).

Of course, at the bottom part of the online form, there is consent and declaration, including the applicant’s declaration with the signature. Then, just click on Submit to proceed to the next process.

Checking the Application Status

In terms of ETA online application, clients can receive online updates regarding their pending applications. Since this is done online, this means that the site can be accessed any time of the day and any part of the world. ETA updates also allow checking on its expiration dates and current status. Moreover, the application type can also be changed if desired. The government of Canada aims to improve the credibility of this program to minimize risks in terms of security.

Traveling from one country to another can cause headache and major problem if the passenger is not well-informed about the policies that a country destination implements. Canada has become strict enough when it comes to securing the safety of the passengers, both locals and the tourists, while on the plane. The existence of electronic travel authorization is a program that is still on its way to blocking any potential hazard along the journey.