A Leading Provider Of Professional Tax Software

Ultimate Tax is an exceptional business in the US who offers professional tax software. Their tax software is ideal for both new and experienced tax preparers. They are proven leader in the professional tax industry and they have been for over ten years. They will offer new clients a free evaluation, if after the evaluation you decide you want to start working with them instead, you will have an option of three different plans to choose from. You can either choose a plan yourself by looking at the ones available and comparing them or they can help you choose which one is right for you; the three plans available are the Basic20, Procollect and the Premium. They make sure to use reliable, professional tax software so you know that your data is being kept safe. They will even offer you year round support this is from their support staff who is all well experienced, trained and have knowledge of the latest tax regulations. They will also help you if you need to convert your data from programs such as Crosslink and ATX to Ultimate Tax.

They offer many different professional tax software services such as the 365 service, launch pad and interview mode. Part of their bank products service is that they offer payment aid to your customers, this benefits you as it enables you to compete with competitors who are offering the same products or services. They will also offer access to all of their detailed reports; this means you can check how many returns each preparer has done. You will be able to find out which forms are the most popular and you can check whether a return has been accepted or its waiting. Then their online check printing means you can get checks faster and also get more referrals; you will be able to get them up to four hours quicker. They will provide you with contracts which are based on volume, these are available to customers who have the premium plan, and so they can know exactly what they are getting. Another thing that they have available is context sensitive help, this can help you to find general information or for a direct reference to the field in question. Lastly, launch pad is a custom launch screen which will put the most common items into the centre of the dashboard, as they will be more noticeable here. It helps by speeds up workflow and reducing learning curve.